It always comes back to technology

Oh what a difference a single space character can make!

A while back, just before our WP software upgrade and site face lift, one of the blog config files was inadvertently edited with an editor that stripped the C/Rs on exit. That caused momentary mayhem but was easy to fix. However! in fixing it, one extra space was added to the end of the last line of the file. Not even noticeable unless you were looking for it, and under normal circumstances completely meaningless.

The system returned to normal operation, I thought.

Just yesterday I discovered by chance that the RSS feed to Feedburner was inoperable due to non-compliant XML files. Namely, every single page had a blank line at the start- a Feedburner no-no.

Wonderful – not! Everything appeared normal, but an XML validation confirmed the stray line.

To make a long story short, the fact that this occurred in every post, even old ones, indicated after a little thought that the extra line was caused by a global file. And since it is suggested in support forums that an extra space at the beginning or end of any WP file can cause the problem, the trail lead to the global file in question.

Character deleted -> problem solved. It is always trivial in hind sight.

My apologies to my Feedburner subscribers for the inconvenience.


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