LibraryThing Project

My library is in the on-going process of being cataloged with LibraryThing.

2009 -> And yes, it is seemingly taking forever to get seriously underway. What can I say – I am busy. Even thought I now have a little bar code scanner, the process still involves a large amount of time for the initial input.

2010 -> The project is finally getting underway (Jan 1). So far I am finding that just putting in the ISBN is as fast as the scanner, though I haven’t spent time practicing with the scanner as the reviews indicate one should.

I have put quite a few titles and collections in. The rest should follow very shortly. Then I will just have to keep it up to date.

Follow thisĀ  link to my library…

2010 Jan 12 -> All the Christian books are in place and some secular titles. I will take my time with the remaining bookcase of secular works…


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