The Gas Company that is deaf…

If you live in Canada, in a house, have you been visited by the ‘Fix Price Energy’ sales rep? They must train these guys at the same school that trains Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The guy comes to the door (selling a product that is MORE expensive in the short run and according to analysts likely will NEVER be a good deal) saying he is just doing a survey. That is the first lie. Then he wants to know if you have signed up to save money “just like all your neighbours”. All the neighbours – second lie.
I respond “Thanks, but I am not interested”. But being polite is unfortunately an error. Sir, you must want to save money. All your neighbours have signed up (they haven’t by the way), he insists. I try again, “Thanks, but I am not interested”. There must be a sociollogy paper in here somewhere. We do this dance a couple more times, then I start to get impatient with his inconsideration. After all, this guy is brain dead and I am just being polite. In the end I am intrigued by his stupidity and ask if he is getting the message. He says “Well since the door is still open you must really be interested”. Argh, we are back to night school for Jehovah Witnesses…

I tell him firmly that he should move off my porch and I shut the door.

So, did he do his employer, Direct Energy, any good. Not likely. Not only am I still not interested, but I won’t buy any service from them now.

So now we know that there IS human junkmail, and it is sent out by Direct Energy. Just doing a survey, of course…

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