The Powers that be…at work…

Okay, so I work at a place where collecting parking fees from employees is a cash cow. Ya pay about $500 a year for the privilege of ‘maybe’ getting a spot (incredibly, the contract small print states that you are not guaranteed a spot!). You would think that would be the end of it. Not!

I discover, having been on leave for a while, that buying the above pass for parking for the academic ‘year’ is not really for the year. The return to work date is Aug 14, but the pass isn’t good until Aug 21. Go figure.

Surely this is just an oversight, you say. Any reasonable person would think that, and in a reasonably administered world it would be. But not so here.

A quick call to the College parking police constabulary reveals that this is deliberate. To park the extra week is an additional $37 thank you very much. Or pay by the hour at $2.50 per hour.

Clearly, gentle reader, the claw-back of every last dime from any person possible is far more important and kept clearly in view than any good will or reasonable thinking…

Gilding the lilly, so to spaek, is all the talk about improving employee post-strike moral. So, if you were are new employee and had just recovered from paying your ‘yearly’ parking fee, how would your ‘start the job’ moral be after they said “By the way, hand over another fee” for the first week?

Leaves one scratching their head…

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