There be guns…

One of the other activities that I am interested in is sport shooting – specifically hand guns (for my opinions on hunting see my post Friends of the Moose).

Guns are neat and some people have asked about my admittedly small collection. I will post a few pics in this category with my toys and admittedly opinionated comments.

First a caveat on what many gun owners will consider a miniscule collection. If you are in the US, then responsible gun ownership is what it should be – relatively easy. This is good. In Canada, that is not the case. The nanny state does not trust its citizens to do anything for themselves nor take any personal responsibility. Shooting is even harder than private flying. As they say “Don’t get me started!”. With that I will leave more ranting for another day…

Anyway, shooting is lots of fun and is challenging for anyone at any age. As an aside, I have discovered through taking guests shooting that it is particularly empowering for women.

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