Wider is better

Over and over these days, we hear these days that as a society our waist line is wider, and that this is bad news. Vaughnerian girth and Renascence shape are definitely out of favour.

Blogs are somewhat the opposite. Average screen resolution has grown over the last couple of years. Just a short few years ago, the average user was viewing the net on a 640×480 VGA screen. Then we graduated to 1024×768, which lasted quite a while – partially due to the cost of LCD production on one hand, and the physical weight and cost of large glass crts on the other.

This all changed, of course, with the ramping up of LCD production and the corresponding drop in prices.

As this happened, it also became both possible (in cost of technology) and desirable (to support video in movie format) to move from the older 5:4 video format to the 16:9 cinema format screen.

As a non-gaming, non-movie-watching contrarian, I should note that I rue that day… I am writing this on a 24″ 1920×1080 LCD, but I would prefer a 5:4 format 20″ LCD of the same technical capability. Sadly that is not available 🙁

All that is to say that screens are bigger, particularly in width. This make of standard blog theme width, which was set for a 640×480 width screen, out dated and almost weird on a large screen.

Since I still liked the old display appearance of our Kubrick based theme, but felt a wider presentation was in order,  a little judicious adjustment of code was in order.

The result is the present wide Kubrick based template, which I found did not exist in any distribution – go figure. It does look a little bit more up to date, but it avoids the more extreme changes that seemed necessary to obtain the same result via another theme.


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