A Castle truly beyond words…

Hearst castleWe continued on up similarly endowed coastal scenery to San Simeon. After a brief adventure there for lunch (details to follow), we drove the remaining 10 miles or so to the Hearst Castle. We had made reservations for the 2:30pm tour.

What we found is beyond description in words. Linda said it so eclipsed the word ‘excess’ that it became cool and was not tacky. Little prepares you for seeing that degree of opulence anywhere, let alone on the remote cliffs of the California Coast. Check the web site at www.heastcastle.com.

Like the Warner Brothers tour in LA, this place and tours have been developed for quality. Although it was not cheap, the money had clearly be spent to put on a quality and informative tour. As such, it was good value and one does not mind paying a fair entry fee for a comfortable and informative tour.

The tour and the movie about the history of the castle took the best part of 3 hours – time and money well spent. We highly recommend the tour.

Afterwords we returned to San Simeon for dinner (at the restaurant we found while searching for normal rather than fancy food at lunch) and a night’s sleep at the San Simeon Quality Inn.


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