A Little Hard Chrome

I liked this as soon as I saw it. Hard chrome is the most durable finish (better than nickle) and looks so nice. This Para Ordinance LDA 40cal is a lovely gun.

This guns also adds heavier ordinance to the collection and make it feasible to use it in the high points division of IPSC or Defensive Pistol. It offers the higher power without resorting to the canon level recoil of a 45 cal.

The 40 cal will receive less use than the utilitarian 9mm, but is a great option. Since it is the same 1911 frame as my others, it is a good choice for easy transitions.

The magwell is very nice for a stock gun. The adjustable rear site yields good accuracy and also control when experimenting with different size ammo loads. Perfect for IPSC or Defensive Pistol.

The trigger is very smooth and longer than some. An interesting change.


Many shooters start to reload ammo at the 40cal level, to save money. Though it is an intriguing idea, the start up costs take it off the table…for now.