A Short Drive to LA…HA!

So, the next morning we checked out of the Mission Valley (San Diego) Marriott, to head to LA. The Marriott had been a nice start but somewhat over-priced, especially the $13 to park the car overnight. The pool/spa was lovely, though, and fun in the lights at night.

To finish in San Diego we toured the harbour area, including the Boats and Museum. If you saw the movie “Master and Commander”, we were on the square rigger they used for it. Neat! Also toured a Russion sub (incredibly cramped) and several others. A short walking tour of the harbour enclave of eclectic shops (I regret not buying the awesome bet buckle I saw) finished it off.

We headed out up the coastal highway for the short 90 mile jump to LA.

The first half was fine, then came the LA traffic. Overall it took about 3 hours to go the 90 miles and find the next hotel, the Century Wilshire in Westwood/ Beverley Hills.

Note added later – this turned out to be at peak rush hour. We had not further trouble with traffic in LA and I found it no worse than Ottawa mostly.


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