About this blog

Blogging? If you have to ask, then it is too late.Linux Penguin

What is it about? It will unfold as it does, with topics being added as new Thought Paths arise.

As with most blogs, this is a ‘work in progress’, mostly entered without much editing. In other words, it is to be read and taken ‘as is’, like a conversation…

In many of the areas that we will no doubt explore, I feel woefully inadequate in both knowledge and meaningful wisdom. I hope that my contribution will in some small way find favour with at least some of my readers, and stimulate thought or comment.

I would be delighted to receive constructive comments, either as post comments or through the Contact page. On the other hand, criticism, spam and such should be directed to /dev/nul.


A brief technical note -> Someone commented that the pics partially overlayed the text on their screen. Turns out they had their screen resolution set to 640×480! Ya need more resolution than that to see things correctly today, Dude! I create this at 1024×768. It will likely be okay at 800×600. Your mileage may vary…


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