All Zoos are not created equal!

What a Zoo!!!!! The San Diego Zoo ( was a most wonderful experience. We had been advised – by the US customs guy at the Ottawa Airport, of all places – to take the bus tour of the park first. Good advise. The bus tour covers 90% of the exhibits in about an hour. Then you can go back and see the ones that intrigue you most. We also preceded the bus tour by a 1 hour stroll around the Apes and Monkeys are that are not on the bus route. At the end we took at the sky ride (about 100 feet about the park) that goes over the park.

What a day! We saw wonderful exhibits and incredible species in natural environments. It is no wonder this is known as one of the best zoos in the world.

All in all about a 5-6 hour time. HIGHLY recommended!


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