An evening to rest

It has been a long and happy day, but we are tired. Also we are both still fighting off a bug, so that makes for more fatigue.

We get some simple dinner and eat in the lovely little breakfast room at the hotel, overlooking Queen Street. We have it all to ourselves.

I have an webinar to attend online that keeps me busy until 9:30 and Lynette watches a move online. High speed net access it lovely.

We top of the evening with a walk on the Kew Beach boardwalk by the lake. It is lite by old gaslight style lights are night. Lots of other people enjoy a leisurely stroll along beside the beach on a warm evening. The city is a long way off, yet just a few blocks. Wonderful!

I tried to take a picture but the low light just won’t permit it. Here is a day shot.

Beaches Boardwalk

Just imagine the lights illuminating the boardwalk dimly and people strolling along, with the sound of the lake. Heaven.