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Those Keys Were Garbage… right?

submitted by Lynette

Ok, so first day with the car, makes life a lot easier right? Ha! That’s what you think! So, he had already locked the keys in the trunk, one disaster a day you might think? Well, apparently, luck is not on our side!

So, my father, who is usually very sharp when it comes to things like this must have been feeling the heat, considering that not only had he locked them in the trunk, but he also managed to later that day throw the keys out with the garbage from dinner at Wendy’s! So, we put our trash in the respective trach can, and procede out to the car, only to find that the keys aren’t in any of dad’s pockets. Now we start to panick! So, we go back inside, and look in the trash, and sitting at the top with the container from my dad’s salad, were the keys! We quickly took them out the proceeded back to the car!

For the rest of the trip I will personally watch and make sure that those keys are safely buttoned in the pocket of his shorts at all times in which they are not in use!