Buckmark review

A few anecdotal comments on the Buckmark.

Overall, it is a very nice pistol. I choose it over the more common Ruger models because:

1. it was reviewed as somewhat more accurate
2. it has adjustable rear sight
3. the price for the stainless model was competitive
4. the grip is much more comfortable than the Ruger.

In the end, a club maintenance guy commented that for club service, where many people shot 1000s of rounds weekly, he would choose the Ruger for servicability, rather than accuracy. For a private owner shooting a few 1000 rounds, the Browning was a better choice.

I have not been disappointed. The gun is very comfortable so shoot and I like it.

It does, however, have one small draw back – the feed ramp appears to be a tad rough. This can cause jamming if a full mag is loaded with the slide locked open, then racked. It is correctable but should not be the case in new gun.

I recently considered trying a Colt 1911 format 22 pistol, since that would replicate the shoot position of my larger guns. However, since I don’t really like conversion kits, this may be out of the question. The 1911 format 22 pistols that are available in the US are not available to Canadians…

So I will stay with the Buckmark and have Gunner at Armco polish up the feed ramp. A good compromise.