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Dad and Lynette return for another great trip to Toronto…

Into the city

We start the day with a very nice complementary breakfast in the hotel – simple and just what we wanted. I hate having to go out or into a big restaurant for breakfast.


Our plan for the day is to start with Kensington Market. From the hotel into the city center is only about 15 minutes at 10am.

We park on Augusta St. in the Market, but after walking around a bit remember that most things don’t really open until 11:30 or so.


We regroup and decide to visit Honest Ed’s and then return to the Market.


Pink Caddie

It turns out that the hotel meeting room is being use this day by the local Mary Kay distributor – an apparent heavy hitter on the planet of Mary Kay. As a result, there is a brand new Cadillac CTS in pastel pink in the parking lot.

Pretty amazing. You must have to sell a lot of lip stick to get that as a bonus…

We grab something to eat in the beaches area and walk around a bit. Having 24 hours free in/out parking is very handy.

We relax and contemplate the next day’s plan.


What network?

A networking teacher’s work is never done!

Both being net people, we have both laptops with us. We get them set up and find no net connectivity. Hmmmmm.

Off to the front desk, where a lady with an apple laptop (ick) is telling the desk clerk that she can’t see the net.

He succumbs to my ministrations that it is his router, follows my instructions for restarting and voila – we have connectivity…

Lynette On Line

This could happen anywhere and at least in a small hotel with friendly staff I could correct it immediately.

The net access is VERY fast and stays solid for our entire stay. And it is FREE. When you check in to the more expensive hotels downtown it is not. Pay more to get less  – go figure.


We arrive in the beaches

It was an easy drive down and the traffic into the city was clear sailing. We arrived at our hotel and were delighted. It is a nicely renovated small hotel (about 50 rooms) with a 40’s deco facade.

Beaches Days Inn

We have a nice room (larger than the downtown hotel) overlooking a quiet residential street to the west. Perfect. We unpack and relax a bit.


Our favourite lunch stop

As is our habit, we stopped for lunch on the drive down in the lake front park in Tweed, Ontario. This stop is almost exactly half way and is a very enjoyable break. The weather was co-operating completely….

Tweed Beach


Hotel, what hotel?

Both previous trips we have enjoyed staying at the Day’s Hotel, right in the city core at Carleton and Yonge. It is great to be a short drive from everywhere (I never leave the car in the garage) and to have Yonge Street just steps away for morning coffee in Starbuck’s.

We  thought that we would do the same this year, but it was not to be. When I set out on the net to make the reservations the hotel was nowhere to be found.

Weird! Eventually I call another location of Day’s Inn in Toronto, to be told that the hotel was closed for renovations and rebranding. Rats!

We love the Queen East Beaches area and there is a Beaches Day’s Inn there – a very retro looking small hotel. We decided to try it.

It was a great decision.


The Toronto Trip plan – 2010…

Having enjoyed ourselves on every trip together to Toronto, Lynette and I decided to go once again this year. Each time we visit we think of something new to add for the next visit to the city or something to omit.

This year we decided to go in the late Spring rather than late Summer, thus avoiding the Summer gaggle of school children and tourists.