Da Keys are safer locked in the trunk, right?

Well, no sooner did we enjoy the normalcy of a car but things started to happen (they girls would say that I lost my mind <grin>). We motored happily off to the incredible San Diego Zoo (more on that later). When we parked, I pocketed my real car keys from home, and promptly locked the keys to the rental car in the trunk – ARGH!

Precipitously, the car door was not yet locked, so we thought we were saved. Just release it from inside the car. Yes, but you have to find the button!!

Looked high, looked low – no release button. This caused some stress and agitation. Eventually we called the car rental office, who had no idea. Then we called the road service guys, who pointed out the special little door by the drivers door jam that contained the button. That door is the fuse box on my car at home so it had been ignored. The guy on the phone says “I thought you said you looked everywhere in there?”.

Anyway, with adrenaline subsiding we locked the correct keys in the trunk and hoofed it to the zoo entrance.

For the rest of the trip, my placement of the keys in the buttoned back pocket is to be monitored by my daughter…


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