Did anyone get the licence number of that Parking Meter?

Before we left the beach parking area, however, we had another mishap.

We were walking up the sidewalk to the car, a sideway in which are planted parking meters on meter poles. These meters, unlike those in Ottawa, are only about 4.5 feet tall to the top (the Americans seem to like to mount everything low – more on the later).

As we walked up the hill we were laughing and kibitzing. At one point I had turned to the girls, who were behind me, to say something. When I finished, I quickly turned back to go up the hill, looking up the hill. I ran full speed, full force, into a parking meter. The metal meter head hit me square in the chest and there was pain like I can not explain.

I did not loose my breath but the pain was overwhelming. I had been run over by a stationary parking meter. Sounds funny but it was not.

I recovered enough to speak in a few minutes, but the pain continued. If we had been in Ottawa, I would have eventually gone for medical aid, but the thought of getting into the medical system on the holiday encouraged me to carry on.

We continued to get some lunch and drive on, but I am in a lot of pain. How frustrating!


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