Even the sheperds knew better

As we race towards Christmas, I was thinking about the sheperds, minding their flocks and their own business in the field, confronted by the Angelic Host of the Lord. They were afraid but they caught on. We too would be afraid, but how quickly would we catch on?

Sure, with our current Bible knowledge, if the Heavenly Host directly confronted us, we would hopefully figure it out pretty quickly. But what about the more subtle circumstances of everyday life. As we bustle about, faced by the Lord in our hearts at every turn, how often do we ‘get it’? How often do we live in simple faith, accepting that what we may have constructed or planned simply isn’t what the Lord had in mind, and that it is okay? More than okay, it is perfect and good.

Those plain, common, at the time crude, sheperds had something to say to us about falling on our faces before the path of the Lord and what he brings into our lives. Sometimes, many times, it seems so hard to keep that simple fact in mind.

How then shall we live?


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