Everyone needs a 9mm

As the title says, we all need a 9mm. Just about the standard for many years, though the police now carry something a little bigger, with more stopping power. The 9mm is a nice compromise of a serious hand gun but with manageable recoil if you you shoot a lot of rounds in competition. That combines with quite economical ammo cost when compared to 40 or 45 cal.

Here are some of the features that I found appealing:
– 1911 format
– great STI quality
– reasonable recoil
– very reliable
– fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights
– exotic wood grips
– skeletonized trigger and hammer


The only area where the jury is still out is the parkarized finish. Though it is superior to blueing for wearability, I don’t know if I like the look. I am considering having it hard chromed at some point. We shall see.

A shooting review will have to wait until I have put more rounds through it.