First evening

After a long drive we catch a bite to eat near the hotel and decide to take a leisurely drive around downtown, looking at some of the old houses (with turrets) west of Kensington and checking out parking for the theater the next evening.

It is nice to be in the city again. Lots of students out and about in the U of T area. The city has a huge downtown populace (gorgeous condo architecture everywhere), which makes the streets very alive day and night.

On returning to the hotel after dark we discover that we have a nice night view of the CN tower (as promised by the clerk when we checked in). With all the tall condo buildings now populating downtown a good view is a nice bonus.

At night the CN Tower is lighted with a programmed light system. The tower colour changes, the lights run up and down the full height, and the restaurant pod changes colour and appears to rotate.

Night CN tower

Now for some sleep for a big day tomorrow…