All Glory to God…now

Soli Deo Gracia, all for the Glory of God in simply terms. How easily it rolls off our tongues in word and song, especially on a Sunday morning. But do we live that way?

As we sing His praise, surrounded by the fellowship of other believers, the glory of the Lord seems close by. But even there, in the emerging church life, there is all too often an element of our glory, along with His. But the glory is ALL His, and none of us.

Whether we are walking in the world, or singing in the church, let us remember who holds it all, moment to moment. Our true level of dependence is truly as staggering and complete as is the degreee to which we often forget it.

Through the Lord and His ways we are called to Him, expressed by ‘Grace alone, Faith alone, Christ alone, and Scripture alone’ – the guiding responsible principles by which we are guided and live. As we finish this set of principles with ‘For the Glory of God Alone’, let us try to remember that with every step and breath that we take.

We have been called and lead to a place of worship and relationship with the Lord solely for the purpose of His glory. There is nothing in it of us.


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