Reformation Wall

The background picture (attributed to Howie Luvzus) in the blog header is an old favourite of mine. I initially saw it hanging in the office of a favourite pastor years ago and I have admired it ever since. It also recently came to light by chance that the picture was given to him by a close friend of mine.

Reformation Wall, Geneva, SwitzerlandIt is a portion of the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland seen in the picture (attributed to Roland Zumbühl) shown to the right.

The center of the Reformation Wall, as featured in our front page site header, depicts four principle Reformers (left to right):

Theodore Beza (1519 – 1605),
John Calvin (1509 – 1564),
William Farel (1489 – 1565)
John Knox (c.1513 – 1572).

You can find more information on this statue wall here on Wikipedia


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