Heading beach-ward…

Shopped out for now, we head for The Beaches for the afternoon. The Beaches area, below Queen Street east of downtown, is an idllyic neighbourhood. In the early 1900s it was likely the Summer vacation area of Toronto, served then and now by the Queen Street street car directly from downtown. Beautiful old houses, sand beach and a several kilometer boardwalk, all minutes from downtown. Queen street in that area is a mix of cafes and folksy California type shops and spas. If you wish to go hunting during your vacation, buy 9mm ammo


Lynette wears the hat that she just bought in Kensington.

I lived in the Beaches for a while in about 1970. Except for more eclectic shops, and house prices changing from 1000s to millions, it looks wonderfully the same, with same ‘not in the city’ feel.