In the Land of the Silver Screen

Lynette on the set of ERNext morning we had determined to take a tour of the Warner Brothers Movie/TV studios ( in Burbank – on the other side of Laurel Canyon as it happens. I had read on the net that although others, like Universal, are large and glitzier, they are not ‘real’ in showing you how movies and TV shows are made. After another delightful start at the Century Wilshire, we proceed sanely through Laurel Canyon to the studio. The only classic LA surprise is that it takes twice as long as it should due to traffic, but we have left enough time.

Lynette on the ER SetWhat a place and what a tour!!!! It was terrific and much, much more than we had even hoped. The place was perfectly laid out, the tour well arranged, and the guide beyond knowledgeable and informative.

We were on the set of the TV show “Gilmour Girls” just before they started filming, seeing all the live sets in place on the sound stage and then the back lot outdoor sets. We saw so many back lots sets and indoor sound stages it was incredible (see Lynette on the set of ‘ER’ above) – both from older shows and those now in production. We learned how things are done and were surprised many times.

For example, the same backlot sets were used in modern shows, by Cagney long before and also by Bogart in “The River Queen”. How they do it all is astounding. It was all great.

A day well and very enjoyably spent, also changing the way we would see some things on the large and small screens.

On the way back we bought dinner and took it back to Wilshire – eating it in the courtyard amongst the flowers.


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