Into San Francisco…

After a lesiurely start and breakfast (gotta love the Travel Lodge), we were off to SF and into the last 2 days in California. Hard to believe but we are running down and it will also be good to go home in a day or two.

On the way up the coast above monterey there had been a slide that took out the road, so we had to detour inland a bit to the main highway. Once in SF we did a bit of touring before heading to the Courtyard Marriott.

We found Lombard Street and drove through all the flower filled switch-back. The actual incline of the street is VERY streep. It was fun. Then I went over block and down Filbert Street, the steepest street in SF. It is so steep a drop that when you come to the stop at the top you can’t see the road. It drops away under your front end at about 45 degrees down. Driving down it is quite an experience and you better have perfect brakes and transmission. The girl ahead of us choked at the top. She backed up (on the one way street) and won’t go down. It was lots of fun! I did it twice…

We then went over to the Coitt Tower on Telegraph Hill, a neat high point for viewing.

After that, off to find the hotel in a horror story of one way streets in downtown SF, and to find some simple food to eat.

After dinner we visited the main downtown mall, built in a smallish square block but with circular escalator to allow five stories of shops. Lynette has wanted to shop there.

Another exciting tour (and tiring) day. More sights of SF tomorrow.


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