It’s all about Jesus

Sola Christos!!! It is always that, in every situation.

In words of our Lord “I am the way”. In Greek, what He says is often not apparent in the usual translations. The Greek uses a very strong imperative. Picture, for a moment, standing on the table yelling “I, and only I, am the way, the only way“. Not that our Lord would stand on the table and yell, but it is a useful way to convey the imperative so we get the flavour of the statement’s strength.

Harkening back to Job in Unexpected pathways, our place is a humble one, glorifying Jesus as we sit or walk in His shadow. His imperative statement makes it clear that in His shadow is the correct place for us.

Now, does being humble position, glorifying Him, mean that we are not active nor accomplishing things as we live in the world? Is it spending evey minute in quiet, still adoration? Not at all. It implies action, directed by and drawing our strength through our closeness to Him. Acting, but at the same time resting in looking to Him, as we walk in the world.

This is part of why the saints are ‘other worldly’. The combination of demeanors that we are describing is not of this world. It is in this world, but of the Lord, since we only move under His authority when we are in His shadow.

To pro-actively move in the shadow of the Creator of the universe. It is hard to imagine Grace beyond that. Praise be His name.


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