Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys is a musical about the life of Franki Valley and the Four Seasons. They had many hits in the 60s and 70s, creating a popular music genre with lasting effects. They rose from the working class areas of NYC and had a colourful past. The show was a blend of their story with over 2 hours of hits songs. There was even some film footage of the actual Four Seasons. All the music was live. It was very enjoyable.
Jersey Boys

The Toronto Center for the Performing Arts is a huge live theater complex. Great design and acoustics. It is what I think that the NAC in Ottawa would be if it were built today.

Since we were late from shopping and there was construction on the way (it is located quite far north on Young Street) there was some nail biting by Dad as to whether we would actually make the show. But as Lynette predicted we arrived, parked and picked up the tickets at 7:55, just in time to get seated for the 8pm curtain…

We left at smiling at 10:30, with Fours Seasons hits running through our minds. And I had thoughts of my youth, when many of these hits were number 1 for weeks.