Joyful Collaborations – Sharpening the Self

In juggling, the primary patterns must be second nature (habit – as mentioned before). But habits grow dim if not exercised and the juggler must continue to rehearse the basic moves on an ongoing basis.

So it is in our relationship with our Lord. After conversion, our initial and primary relationship is with Him. Our salvation is not the question, but continued, consistent interaction through the Word and Prayer maintain and develop the link as it is experience moment by moment in life. So, as in juggling, our primary skills are reinforced by continued rehearsal.

Our patterns of life, in the moment, are more often than not determined by the habitual behaviours that we have rehearsed. As we rehearse dependence in prayer, and the habit of seeking guidance for even small events from the Word, we are forming the habits that will regulate our unconscious approach in life. This will be particularly true in those situation where we don’t have time, or are too distracted by the moment, to reflect.

Next, let us not forget, or discount, the significance of spiritual warfare in this examination. While we are rehearsing our dependence and reliance on the Lord, we are simultaneously removing dependence upon Satan and the world. Remember that according to Scripture, Satan in always pro actively seeking to make inroads and distract us from the direction of our Lord. The Lord’s flock are Satan’s greatest focus and challenge. When we are not rehearsing dependence on the Lord, we are by our ‘natural’ nature implicitly rehearsing dependence upon the world. One or the other is always occurring. Let us rehearse for eternity in the Lord.

In our individual practice in juggling, it is similar, though the consequences of failure are thankfully not eternal. Failure to practice and retain (or hopefully improve) base skill sets results is their slowly being extinguished. We are thus practicing ‘not juggling’ when this is the case.

In both juggling and the Christian life, rehearsal, or failure to do so, is of great consequence not only for the individual, but for collaborative activity, as we shall see…

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