Joyful Collaborations – The Beginning

Jugglers usually have two aspects to both practice and performance – working alone and working in groups (most often pairs). Most jugglers have a partner that they work with, often on the long term basis. There are ‘lone wolf’ jugglers, but in my experience they tend to be the minority. That is not to say that solo juggling is not satisfying. However, collaboration is both enjoyable and enhances skill development in ways that are not possible alone.

In the background thoughout all juggling is individual practice. It is essential to develop both base and more complex physical patterns. The body learns ‘habits’ by repetition and the base patterning must become a habit.

Collaborative work relies on the pre-existence of the base skills before they can be used together. The increased complexity in collaborative juggling quickly exposes holes in base skill sets.

After sufficient base skills and initial collaborative skills are in place, further development of both individual and group skill sets can proceed in parallel. This all sounds pretty dry on the surface. It is not!! There is great enjoyment and joy. There is also a high level of dependence in the shared skills area as the escalating complexity requires more and more reliance on both skill sets.

Most of these paradigms are reflected closely in the Christian life.

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