Joyful Collaborations – Together in process

Juggling together successfully (collaboration) assumes that the base skills are in place, and at a usable level for both participants. In the Christian life, Scripture says that our interaction should be an outworking of our active relationship with the Lord. In our interactions, one must be assumed that we have that relationship in place in at least a rudimentary but proactive sense. Certainly we are a work in progress, to be completed in meeting Him at the time of his choosing, but we are assumed to be on the road while we interact in this world.

So with our skill set in-process, we come together to share and help each other on the road. This is the core of collaboration, and there is greater joy in traveling the road together, rejoicing in both success and difficulty.

In juggling, we practice progressively more complex activities together. This builds both combined and personal skills. We accomplish more together than alone, but it is done on the base already, and continually, developed. Even more, in our errors (please see my previous post concerning the necessity of errors and correction) we have encouragement to continue, accountability to try harder or accept correction, and the experience of the reality of working through life in unison.

The Christian life is once again very similar, but with more far-reaching effects (into eternity). Having been established in Him and embracing this life from that place, we have (through the Spirit and our actions stemming from being “in Him”) developed basic life skills. The most significant anchoring skill is an overarching dependence on Christ in all things. In that dependence is obedience to His Word and His ways. That grants us an ongoing development path.

We then come together as brothers and sisters. This collaboration is in living life, as opposed to the more narrow juggling activities. However, most of the same lessons are to be learned. In working together at the Christian life we have encouragement, accountability, correction and rejoicing. All of these are dependent for both their basic actualization and their intensity upon the degree to which we submit to the Spirit and to the Lord. Where in juggling we have been responsible ourselves for developing and retainikng through reinforcement the basic skill sets, in our life in the Lord He does the work and supplies the benefits based upon our skills of dependence and obedience.

What a joy it is to rest in Him, with the sure knowledge of His supplying what is needed to complete the journey to His side. In the joy of Juggling there is reflection of that, and of the joy of walking together with our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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