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  • Reading the Bible as Literature – Part 2/2

    Evaluation I read the author’s intent as including several overarching goals, some stated and some implied.  The first stated goal is to show that the Bible is a form of literature. This is proven by the full spectrum of literary forms that are used consistently across most Scriptural genres, in both the Old and New […]Read More »
  • Between Heaven and Earth…

    Scripture states that the real struggling that is occurring as life plays out is one of Spiritual Warfare. The events of this world occur in the context of this battle playing out. The secular world writes this off as foolishness, as we would expect, since our Lord has said “But a natural man does not […]Read More »
  • Reading the Bible as Literature – Part 1/2

    How to Read the Bible as Literature by Dr. Leland Ryken is a call to all those engaged in Bible study to included literary analysis in their interpretive methodology and to allow a more complete personal engagement with the Biblical text.Read More »
  • Rejoice, rejoice, again I say rejoice

    The theme from a well know hymn, and a clear message in countless Scripture passages, regardless of the circumstances. Again in Psalm 40:16 we have “rejoice and be glad…” But as I noted in Confusion of Focus, we often don’t. We are mired in worldly circumstance, at times even including the circumstances of relationship with […]Read More »
  • Need a smile?

    There is no one like Bob Newhart. Here is a little clip to make you smile, if not laugh out loud…Read More »
  • Frankie in his 80s

    Frankie danced and taught up until his death in his mid 90s. He never stopped swinging and sharing. This also includes Frankie’s long time partner Norma Miller, who remains alive and kicking…Read More »
  • Called by whom?

    My recent experiences led me to recall an interesting ecclesiastical puzzle that a friend brought up some time ago and that I have observed several times in congregations. Case 1: The Pastor of a protestant church (I have no Catholic experience to offer) announces that he has been ‘called’ to a new church and will […]Read More »
  • Confusion of Focus

    A good friend, who follows my blogging drivel, dropped me an email one day that got me to thinking (yes, I know that is a shocking revelation). He commented that a certain situation that he was aware of was, in his words, “figuring in your rants”. He was correct, but what it made me think […]Read More »
  • Irritated by the Beloved

    Assuming that you are are believer, then you are living in the Beloved – marked by God before creation, saved through Christ, changed, inhabited and directed by the Spirit, and His into eternity no matter what. More significantly for today’s post, you are in all of this with a lot of brothers and sisters in […]Read More »
  • Listen here, Elvis has left the building…

    It is amazing how some people can’t take a hint graciously, no matter how clearly and politely it is delivered. I held a post on a volunteer (let’s say that again loudly, VOLUNTEER) board of directors for a few years, quite some time ago. It lead to an interesting observation that I think has wider […]Read More »

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