Lost in Laurel Cayon

Our first night at the Century Wilshire we figured it would be neat to go out and cruise up and down Sunset Strip. So off into the Beverley Hills evening – temp about 80 Degrees F…

Now, ya have to understand that Beverley Hills is tucked into the nap of some low mountains that cut that part of LA in half. To the north is Burback, where all the movie and TV studios are.

So here we are will a scanty map and turning at the end of Sunset Strip to come back. There is this Laurel Canon drive, so lets zip up there.


The canyon area, is turns out, is labrinth of VERY narrow road making a catacomb of streets carved into the side of the hills. No ryhme or reason and impossible to read on a map in day, let alone night.

So there we are roaming these streets that are scary to drive by day – lost in Laurel Canon. But there is even more surprises to come…


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