Many patterns, Many props

In juggling, there are a number of basic physical patterns. These patterns express in a vast number variations, that to the non-juggler’s eye appear to all be different. The juggler, however, can see these basic truths expressing in each variations. He or she also knows that without the basic patterns, irrespective of how deeply they are emerced in the variation, the juggling simply wouldn’t be physically possible.

The same is true of props. Juggling balls, clubs or rings (to name just a few common categories that include many more) all exercise that same fundamental set of patterns discussed above.

In exercising pattern and expecially in extending them, errors or drops are inevitable. They are, in fact, a required part of learning and skill extension. Compensating and overcoming them is a direct result of the underlying skill set supporting the activity.

Yet again, in group juggling, such as the club passing that gives us such great enjoyment and fellowship, the activity and the recovery from learning errors depend almost entirely on the underlying skill set.

In the final analysis, without the base patterns, no matter how they may be hidden in any situation, the activity and related growth would not be possible.

Let us then turn to the Christian life and the body of believers.

The faith that we hold, by the Grace of our Lord, provides a support of infinite strength in which to grow in life. There will be errors and miss-steps, as there must be in any development process. As we are called to grow more and more, these errors may at times be large and difficult. But it would not be possible to grow and extend in safety without the underlying grasp of our Lord. This undercurrent supports us just as the base pattern supports the juggler, but though changes beyond the reality of the present.

We learn the juggling pattern, but the pattern of Faith is a gift of God which we, being of the flesh and not of spirit, could not obtain ourselves. It brought us to the point of realising that we have received it as a gift, and it will sustain us despite worldly situations. It will allow the pattern to persist, despite evidence to the contrary at times.

What a joy to juggle and rest in the basic skills, but what a greater joy to rest in the free gift of Faith through Grace, sustained in the pattern established in Him and for His glory.


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