MIA in Ottawa?

Well, admittedly it has been sporadic of late, and people have been asking me if I am MIA…

Blogging involves an interesting combination of participating in activities that give one something to actually blog about (as opposed to a running commentary on ones breakfast habits and the like) and then having the time to commit those thoughts to the keyboard.

The last while has been very busy in the areas that I usual like to comment on. Between leading two demanding theology groups, occasional preaching and teaching, taking up shooting, some College lecturing, starting another site dedicated to the Doctrines of Grace and some academic work, there have been LOTS of ideas that would make seemingly great posts. Yet the ideas have been sidelined by the time taken in activities that generate them.

That said, notes have been made (mental and ink) of some of the issues that fly by, and some issues seem to be timelessly common to particular activities. That to say that some blogging material seems to have survived.

So there we are, back to the keyboard, hopefully more regularly again…