More on masquerading as a Florist

Did you ever notice that well meaning people can sometimes be a pain the rear end?

In our last installment about pretending to be from a profession that no-one would likely harass you for free advice about, it was out pointed out that many people consider professionals of various sorts to be sources of free advice and counselling. They assume that all you want to talk about is work and you just can’t wait to hear about thier issues. You often can’t get them to stop without being rude, literally. You are then considered as unfeeling and unfriendly. Go figure.

Well, having been bugged this way AGAIN here is the rant…

Before COVID, I used to go swimming to exercise and to unwind. At the end of the pool between sprints or in the shower at the end, the last thing I want to do is talk about work in any form, particularly about the ills of my particular institution (which are legion) or to dispense free IT advice on someone’s latest problems or point of interest. But it seems one can’t politely escape!

A great workout, nice and relaxed, then 30 minutes of fending of some guy who has nothing better to do that ask me questions that require analysis and discussion. ARGH!!!

Maybe a T shirt that says “Don’t talk to me about work!”. On the other hand that wouldn’t do much good in the shower.

I need a body guard!

PS. No offense to you Florists.


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  1. Andrew

    I suffer from the same problem, (although a lot more when I was in the Sault than since I moved to Ottawa), and a line someone gave me for when someone asked for my help (for free) was very helpful. Before you give an answer, imply that it will cost them.

    Them: I’m having trouble getting my e-mail. Do you think you could help me?

    Me: Well, I can certainly give you an estimate.


    Me: My typical rate is $25/hour.

    Of course, taken too far, lawyer jokes may become computer professional jokes. I suppose as long as there are eager 12 year-olds around there’s always someone willing to do free computer work. Better them than me!

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