New Years Eve – The aftermath

So, if you read my previous post, you know that I just don’t get it on the subject of New Years Eve. However, it seems that not getting it doesn’t save one (at least not if they are a parent) from the legendary New Years Eve aftermath.

Although I don’t get it, my teenage daughter and her church youth group do get it. As a result, they arranged an all night evening at the church to generally celebrate, socialize and avoid sleeping. Good fun, well supervised and very appropriate.

Now the part that drives this post. As a responsible parent who frets appropriately when overnight actiivities are underway, and who takes an active part in many of them, the upshot is that though not getting New Years Eve, I now have an insufficient sleep hangover appropriate to someone who does get it!

This also got me to considering how many other people are in the same boat, albeit for other reasons. A huge number of people work massive overtime in support of those who get it. Right? Many of those people, though they may get it, can’t have it because they were working endlessly. They also are suffering the aftermath without the beforemath. Another interesting senario.

So now, as a mental vegetable, I can only post silliness such as this. Go figure…


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