Performance vs. Worship (Part 3/3) – What can we do? And how?

In worship we must consciously strive to bringing God joy through congregational, not just leadership, participation. The intent must be that the assembly worship en mass, and that any leadership encourage that before other priorities.

Scripture is the thought of God, as communicated to us in a way and at a level that we can think it ourselves. When we think scripturally, whether it be in music or words, we think like God, as He wishes. Irrespective of the style of music, worship in which the congregation is brought into actively glorifying Him through a form of His thoughts will help avoid the problem and accomplish the desired goal. The emphasis of this thought is on God, not on the worship itself. Expressed in another way, the intent of the congregation is wholly vertical, not horizontal.

Lastly, this problem is much easier to avoid than to correct. Once festering, the nature of the problem means that the egos of participants are in play. This never makes for a tidy situation or an easy correction in direction.

Worship teams with correct doctrinal and biblical mentoring from pastoral staff, who are encouraged in related devotional activities, as opposed to being simply turned loose to provide good music, are less likely to see this problem develop. Ongoing, proactive leadership, as with many other areas, is a key foundation.

Let us truly worship our God together, with gentle leadership, gazing up congregationally at the glory and wonder of our God. Truly, as David said of the wonder of the knowledge of God “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it.” (Psalm 139:6). Let us express that wonder together, bringing joy to our Lord and change in ourselves!