Queen Street Kiche

Having wrapped up St Lawrence Market quickly leaves us time and energy to walk Queen Street West, so off we go.

In the few blocks we find incredible fabric stores with bolts of fabric stacked to the roof of store (12 feet), the spaces between isles only about 2 feet. I bet the fire inspector hasn’t been in there since 1950, but it is neat to see.

Incredible bead and craft stores that appear to supply people who make crafts for a living are fun to browse. Lynette finds some unique things.

Lynette is in heaven in the designer dress shops. She finds a wonderful unique skirt in ORIGINAL. We put is aside until after we visit the Yorkville area tomorrow.

It is now after lunch time and since we are still in the area we go back to our favourite Kensington spot to eat. As good as ever.

I even find a little area of free parking in the market. This is good for now and for future trips.

A great morning, but we aren’t done yet!

We decide that an hour or so is available for foray into the Eaton’s Center. We had not planned to visit it this trip but there are a few stores there that don’t have Ottawa locations (Hollister and ABercrombie & Fitch). We park right across the street (Toronto downtown parking is SO easy) and have a nice browse under the geese…