Readers? What Readers?

Does anyone read this? I know that some people do, but what part does it play in the process?

When thinking about people reading these articles, or not, I have to muse about what is to be accomplished here. It would be nice to think of these ramblings as read by lots of people, of value in some way to some, and even stimulating comment or thought in a few. Some of that is a genuine desire to help and collaborate, but it is also admittedly ego in desiring to be useful.

Beyond that, however, this is an exercise in exploration. Another blogger commented to me several weeks ago that it was a soapbox where no-one could easily make him shut up. Amusing, and certainly true to a point. But that leads to part of the real attraction. Since no-one stops you, you can persue thought paths where they lead, for yourself as well as others. In most other discussions there is more outside direction and required protocol.

This is possibly self-indulgent, but also potentially quite liberating. If it were an old fashioned journal, scribbled in a steno pad or leather bound notebook, or even typed on an old typewriter, it would be similar. However, with a journal, since it is written almost completely for self and less for others, there is less need to quantify the ideas and express them at least somewhat articulately. This is especially true of a hand written journal, where correction and revision are next to impossible.

So the present medium is a middle ground of sorts. Here we have many of the advantages and benefits of the hand written journal, but with the correct-ability, revis-ability, review-ability, and more, of the electronic notepad. This seems (at least for me) to allow a greater latitude for creative exploration in thought as well as expression. There is no question that with the hand written option, it would be a non-starter for many, including myself.

Combine all this with convenient publication, and it would seem that one has a grand forum…


2 thoughts on “Readers? What Readers?

  1. cnaphan

    [quote comment=”75″]Plus blogs are interactive. I wouldn’t respond to your hand-written journal. Nor would you respond to mine.[/quote]

    You could sneak into my room and leave notes in the margins.

    Not everyone would appreciate it, though.

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