Redeemed, How I love to proclaim it!

“Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
Redeemed through His infinite mercy,
His child and forever I am.

At the end of a recent conversation with a brother I said “The Elect are elect, period.” He responded “Now that in itself is scary.”

Surely not! For the believer, the place of rest is surely in the safety of Perseverance of the Saints. There we rest in the certainty that we are His and have been since before the beginning of time (Ephesians 1:4), and that no-one shall be able to pluck us from His hand (John 10:28-29).

For those taking the opposite view, what is there? If our calling and continued assurance of salvation was dependant in any way whatsoever upon our natural, worldy selves, then any realistic appraisal of the situation would leave one in constant anxiety and fear. What a nightmare.

What of those who walk away, some might ask? Did our Lord not warn us that some of the sheep would not really be sheep, and that there would be tares among the wheat?

But let us not dwell on that which is not of us, nor upon erroneous and fearful views that the world would use to tempt us to worry and fear. Let us sing the wonderful refrain above from Fanny Crosby, and rest in the assurance of Scripture and the joy of His grasp.


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