Rejoice, rejoice, again I say rejoice

The theme from a well know hymn, and a clear message in countless Scripture passages, regardless of the circumstances. Again in Psalm 40:16 we have “rejoice and be glad…”

But as I noted in Confusion of Focus, we often don’t. We are mired in worldly circumstance, at times even including the circumstances of relationship with other believers.

What have we forgotten in our haste to make things work as we assume they should?

We have forgotten who is in charge, of course. As Christmas approaches and we are confronted by the Lord of all creation, fullfilling the promise of a redemptive paradigm, let us dwell on the implications of that act.

Everything is (note the active voice) created by Him, and in His mercy He is redeeming in the world according to His will. All the capital H’s are important.

The elect have reason to celebrate for His hand is permanently upon them. The world has reason to celebrate since His common grace permits the dynamics of creation to continue from moment to moment. Without the dynamics of that act in the present moment, neither would continue.

In this there is joy. We see it in our play (and playing is important for everyone at every age) as we loose ourselves in what He has endowed us with. Let us carry that joy into all of our lives and rejoice…


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