Stumbling is reality, folks. Get over it!

Having talked about underlying skills sets and fundamental Faith, we can move to the more pressing issue of outside reaction to the realities of errors in juggling and in Christian life as we learn and grow.

As has been explained by implication, one of the first things that neophyte jugglers must learn and grow comfortable with is the reality and inevitability of dropping. That reality is that dropping is NOT negative and is NOT a problem. In fact, it is part of the activity. Without that knowledge there is no joy or no freedom in the work.

The same is true of the believer. We are brought to faith and then taken on a lifelong journey of development with our Lord. We are assured that the processed will absolutely included at times extreme extension, challenge and growth. That can not happen without error, and we are provided explicit mechanisms for dealing with that and moving on in His service and love. So, error (or dropping) in the Christian life is reality and part of the process.

Now for the tricky part…

In juggling, non-jugglers generally regard errors and drops as negative, not only to be avoided, but reflecting poorly on the juggler. Further, errors immediately cancel the positive regard of other demonstrated skills. The juggler has to learn to overcome and ignore this attitude in others, and to resist any adoption of it personally. Other jugglers can and should be supportive in this.

In the Christian life we have a VERY important parrallel. Christians may, and hopefully do, come to learn that as the Lord pointed out, life in His company will be challenging, we may well stumble, but we have a redemption mechanism when we do. We can therefor rejoice in the continuity of the process, and in the overall safety in His grasp. Non-Christians, though, usually will not see it this way. They see a stumble as failure, and may say that quite clearly. Though we would like to present the best view of the life our Saviour has brought us, we nontheless are not responsible for the non-believer. We do not cause his attitude and the Holy Spirit is the only active agent that can alter it. They will be called to Faith, if that is the Lord’s will, by Him, and not by our perfection or error. If that is not embraced by us, then we can not grow as He would have us grow. And THAT is the real goal for which he has called us to Himself. Therein we Glory Him.

Our true endevour on the Lord’s behalf, errors and all, is the only truth we can present to others, demonstrating among other things the Grace he continues to extend to believers as we are molded. This is in plain view and we are not caused to be anything other than completely transparent about it.

Now, does this appreciation of the process in either case mean that we do not strive completely for excellence or perfection? Not in the least. But without participating in the process as a whole we are limited, and can not fully abandon ourselves joyfully to it.

Let us truly rest in Jesus, trying on His behalf to excel within the commands he has provided, honestly seeking forgiveness as He provided when necessary, that the world may glimpse the power of this ongoing transformation and He might received the Glory.


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