Surfer girl…

Lynette surfingOur plan for the day (our last in LA), was to check out of the hotel and proceed to tour the beaches from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach and Marina Del Ray. Then to head out up the coast on the first leg towards Monterey and San Francisco.

We drove down to Santa Monica Pier and started to cruise along the beach road, observing the beach goers and surfers. The surf was running at about 1.5 meters.

Lynette had wanted to walk on the beach, and precipitously, a parking space came open right on the beach, right in front of the car. So we parked, fed in some quarters, and ambled down toward the surf.

There we saw a group of people learning the surf. Lynette had wanted to try it, but figured it wasn’t possible on such short notice. I talked to the dude running it and struck a deal for a hour or two lesson for Lynette. She ran to change, hustled down to the beach, was assigned an instructor and board, and off they went into the surf.

It was great. She got way more time than they had said, the surf was perfect, and the instructor enthusiastic. She had great success and got a couple of good runs to the beach by the time it was over. The instructor was terrific, staying with her and teaching on run after run, dozens of runs.

The Lord works in surprising ways, even in the surf. While she was talking to the instructor (who looked a bit older than her) she discover he was about the same age, and like her, attended a small Christian High School in LA. Incredible!

It was a GREAT afternoon. We delighted in watching her surf and in the time on the beach. Despite some cloud, we also (Linda particularly) cooked ourselves in the sun.

A great California afternoon before leaving LA. Our thanks go to Islands Surf Camp for a great experience.

After that we header north up the Coastal Highway (highway #1), for the town of Lompoc, as waypoint to Saint Luis Obispo and San Simeon.


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