Even perfectionists drop

Most jugglers that I have known have a perfectionistic streak. Yet in juggling, dropping the pattern and making errors is reality. What goes up eventually comes down. This would seem to be a recipy for frustration, and one non-juggler that I know commented exactly that to me recently.

In reality, it is exactly the opposite. Errors and dropping are very important. If you aren’t ever dropping, you aren’t trying anything new and you aren’t learning.

The joy includes the miss-steps. The joy is the process as well as the accomplishment – in fact more than the accomplishment many times This is even more true when working as a group. In the collaboration there is a resolution of the errors in a new way, and the development of a spirit of tolerance as the jugglers push forward together. The only requirement is honest effort and application.

Does that mean that there is no over frustration at times, even impatience? Of course not. We are people working together. But even that is in support of the effort, whether that is expressed or not.

Looking at this, there are strong parallels in the juggling work and the Christian life, to be explored as I go along…


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