Unexpected pathways

The Battle belongs to the Lord.

We sing that line, and we refer to it frequently one way or the other. The path of our lives, in the circumstance of every day, is the Lord’s in the same way. Our battle is His since we belong to Him. But our first thoughts are often not of Him.

This is understandable of course, since the pains of life, especially physcial ones, are pretty focusing. Yet biblically there are numerous examples for us that demonstrate that the Lord would have our thoughts on Him. Job, in my mind, is the most prominent of those whose focus did remain in the Lord throught physical trial and circumstance. The trial shifted from one tack to another as Satan changed his focus, tempting Job to loose his. But the structure of the attack did not matter, for Job remained focused upon God tenaciously.

Surely it was not Job’s own strength that allowed him to kling to God through it all. Various sermons and articles cite Job as the picture of Christian fortitude and staying power. In a human sense that is no doubt correct. But I don’t think that is the whole, or even the major, message we are given here.

Job, as a ‘natural’ man, could not have held out in the face of so many overwhelming problems without drawing on the strength of the Lord. Even in his struggles he humbled himself, always coming back to the watch care and provisioning of the Lord. Always bowing to the Will of God. Alway humble and dependent. THAT is where his real strength came from, and it has little to do with personality in the natural sense, nor with human fortitude, though he most certainly had both.

I am reminded of two other Biblical situations, linked to this one thematically in my thinking. I think of Samuel being taught the correct attitude to God in answering “Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening” 1 Sam 3:9, and also of the humble obedience of Ananias in Act 9:10, as he obediently seeks out Saul in a situation which he would interpret as holding grave personal danger. In his steadfast faith in the Lord, looking foolish in the face of his friends and world, Job was continually expressing that same “Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening”.

Let our prayer be that we all too can repeat that within ourselves as we move through that which the Lord provides. “Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening”. To His greater glory.


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