Want Mexican food? Go to Ottawa…

We like Mexican food. Lynette has eaten it since she was about 6 months old. Sooooo, we figured that on our first night we would tour the ‘Old Town’ area and get some Mexican beans, etc. Granted we, especially Lynette, were way over-tired.

So off we went again, on the Trolley.

Old Town is lovely and a very pleasant Mexican venue to wander – when you are not over-tired.

We found a nice open air restaurant. Restaurants in this climate often have no actual doors or windows to speak of, mainly because there are no bugs to speak of. We ordered what looked reasonable in portion. We had forgotten that everything in the US is SUPERSIZED. We got enough food for 6, literally.

It was nice enough and the people were grand, but the real story was the food. I had Mexican food on my last trip to LA and when it was not as good as our favourite place in Ottawa I figured it was just one place. Wrong! The cooking was the same in San Diego – very heavy and oily.

So the lesson here was that Mexican food for us is Paucho Villa’s in Ottawa (Elgin and Frank) or not at all. It has been consistently great for 25+ years – literally.

Live and learn…


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