San Diego…We encounter the locals

Just got to the hotel. It was an interesting trip. Final flying time was only about 45 minutes overtime, which was good.

Our itinerary calls for a 2 day stay in San Diego before heading North. Since I read that most things are on the San Diego Trolley line, we figured that we didn’t need the car until we leave the city.

Sooooo, we had to get to the hotel from the airport some other way. Use the Trolley, right? Wrong! Turns out that the Trolley line doesn’t cover nearly as much as of the city as we expected. Thus, we took a bus to the downtown Trolley line stop – hauling all our luggage. No fun at all.

On the bus we encountered our first ‘locals’. The bus driver was very friendly and agreed to kick us off at the right place. A couple near where we sat at the back talked to us, directing us to the correct Trolley. They were very friendly and helpful. They live on a sail boat in the harbour.

mission-valley-tramOn the Trolley we encountered a couple of more locals – a lady hotel worker and an older gentleman. They were, again, colourful and very friendly upon finding out who we were. They gave us various amounts of useful and always interesting advice.

I eventually called the hotel on my cel and said “where do we get off”. We got off as directed and then hauled our stuff a distance to the Marriott.

In this little local trip we have the first several of many lessons and interesting paradoxes:

1. From the media, American cities appear to Canadians as full of violence and dangerous people. This is no doubt true, but all the Americans we meet are very welcoming and friendly. A strange paradox.

2. Travel rule -> Forget saving a few bucks by waiting to rent the car. Get it at the airport!


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