Welcome or unwelcome…

A simple question. It is always about evangelism? Is every meeting and every event we, as believers within the Body, always about evangelism before and at the sacrifice of all else? And is every meeting and situation without exception bound to exude the universally inclusive and welcoming to all?

Okay, what is he talking about you are asking?

Many believers seem to believe that universal inclusiveness is part of the gospel. It is patently ridiculous, not to mention self defeating, but they do. And in the spirit of societal entitlement in which we presently live, the more left leaning in secular society agree.

In this spirit, when believers gather for various reasons, there are some who will say that every situation or activity must without exception surrender it’s purpose to evangelism and inclusive hospitality whenever the possibility might occur.

Do you feel this way? Is there an basic Christian entitlement that gives everyone an inalienable right to be included in every activity and group they wish? Must every activity surrender its purpose to any passerby in the name of inclusive evangelism?