What do ya’ mean you don’t drive downtown?

I should also mention the difference among people on driving in the city.

Many will say – you are downtown, just take the subway which is 50 feet from the hotel and leave the car underground.

They are crazy.

First, I am a driver, meaning I take the car everywhere I can and feel uncomfortable without it available.

Second, I am from Toronto, even having driven a cab there in very young and crazy days, so I am very comfortable driving there.

Third, once you factor in several transit fares these days, parking is not much more.

Forth, carrying stuff on the subway or bus is yuck, and you can’t take extra stuff just in case with the car.

Fifth, you can’t easily change plans and equipment on a whim.

And lastly, parking in downtown Toronto is both easier and cheaper than in Ottawa.

Conclusion, IMO you are out of your mind to not drive downtown.