What have you got to declare?

Despite earlier delays, we landed in Ottawa only about 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

And, by the way, “don’t touch your cel phone!” – the customs officer barked rudely in an unfriendly manner as we approached. Only in Canada…

At Ottawa Customs we observed a similar staffing contrast to the US. US border (including the US Immigration clearance in Ottawa by US officials) services were well staffed, friendly and quick. Here in Ottawa, at our newly built airport terminal, Customs and Immigration was badly understaffed and only marginally polite. We had heard the same from other travelers earlier in the summer, and it was confirmed.

How was it different from the US? You were welcomed politely into the US, but treated as a returning peasant to Canada, one who should be grateful to be allowed in when returning to their own country. Just an example that we, as Canadians, will put up with just about anything from ‘officials’ – guff that many other nationals would never tolerate in their countries.

However, we were home.

It was a wonderful trip, and we saw and did great things, but our own beds looked mighty good! And our beloved Moxy was as glad to see us as we were to see him…


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